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In just four simple steps, your favourite restaurant will come to you to deliver a premium dining experience. Simply log into the Halo Dining app, choose a restaurant, select the menu and invite your guests.


Halo Dining is unique. We are the first service on the planet to offer the full restaurant experience with a personalised menu in the comfort of your own home.


Imagine enjoying a relaxing and intimate night in dining with your family or friends without having to lift a finger. You can share the cost with them, just like when you dine out at a restaurant.

Halo Dining saves the hassle and cost of getting to and from a restaurant, and you won’t have to pay a babysitter!

Your chance to experience this revolutionary new dining concept!



Host makes reservation at favourite restaurant at home on the Halo Dining App.


Host selects menu and invites guests.


Booking is confirmed with the restaurant.


Cook/server arrive 1 hour prior to guests, prepares and sets table.


Guests arrive and cook/server offer drinks and serves meal.


Cook/server cleans up and finalises check with host.

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Halo Dining gives you the ability to expand your dining room beyond the restaurant, increase your business opportunity and offer staff more hours, as well as far wider marketing exposure. (and bringing customers to you)


What is Halo Dining? >

Halo Dining is an online platform connecting diners and restaurants to bring the restaurant experience to your home.

How does it work? >

Halo Dining is as simple as signing in, choosing your favourite restaurant within your area, deciding on a menu and inviting guests. A cook/server from the restaurant will turn up, set the table, cook and serve you and even do the dishes.

Why use Halo Dining instead of using a drop off delivery service or catering company? >

Halo Dining creates your favourite restaurant's reservation in the comfort of your own home with no mess afterwards. It is the ultimate extension to home delivery services.

How do I get the most out of Halo Dining? >

Recommend your favourite restaurant to join the Halo Dining family so you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own home
Spread the word about Halo Dining and invite your friends to join
Give us feedback on the experience and how we can improve the App
Follow your favourite restaurants to get updates on new menus, availability, offers and more
Be part of a world first dining experience

How far in advance do I need to book? >

Each restaurant will be different. We do suggest at least a week for the restaurant to organise and plan.

Are my details saved in the Halo app for my next event? >

Yes, you can save your details and your guests details to make your next reservation easier and faster to plan you're next Halo reservation.

When should I expect to get a confirmation from the restaurant after booking? >

We expect the restaurants will respond within 24 hours.

Can I save my guests details for my next event? >

Yes, all of your guests' details are saved in the App.

How many restaurants will be available to me? >

It will depend on how far a restaurant can travel. Most are happy to travel within 4-10km radius of their address. As the popularity of Halo Dining grows, more and more restaurant will become available, you will be notified when new restaurants have joined

Will my guests be able to enter their dietary requirements? >

Yes, when you or your guests choose their menu items, there will be a comment box for any specific dietaries or requests.

Will the Halo App send reminders to my guests before the reservation? >

Yes, the App will remind your guests 24 hours before your reservation.

How do I know how much food we will be getting? >

Each menu item will have a picture and the size of the portion in grams, visible on the App.

Am I able to make special requests for certain occasions? >

Yes, there will be a request/comment box on the App while making your reservation.

What will I require to host a Halo reservation? >

You will require essential kitchen appliances and equipment. Throughout the sign-up stage, you will be required to check a list of inclusions to ensure you have all the necessary items required. You will need to upload a picture of your kitchen, dining area and tableware for the restaurant to be aware of the space and equipment they will be working with.

Can I edit my event after receiving the confirmation from the restaurant? >

Yes, you can edit your event up to 2 days prior. Within less than two days, the restaurant will have the right to accept or deny any changes.

How do I invite guests? >

When creating a reservation in the Halo Dining App, you will be able to invite your guests. You enter their name, and email address and an email will be forwarded to them with the details requesting them to accept or decline your invitation.

How many guests can I invite? >

Every restaurant will have different limitations ranging from a few to many guests.

As a host, can I split the bill with my guests? >

Yes, while organising the reservation on the Halo Dining App, you will be asked if you would like a single or shared payment with your guests. If shared payment is selected, each guest will choose from your limited menu and pay for their meal on the App.

Can I invite additional guests to my events after the restaurant's confirmation? >

Hosts can add additional guests up to 2 days before the reservation with acceptance and confirmation from the restaurant. If a Host requests other guests within less than two days of the reservation, the restaurant has the right to confirm or deny this request. However, we ask restaurants to be as flexible as possible.

If I choose a single payment as the hosts will my guests see the pricing when they choose their meals? >

No, the pricing aspects of the reservation will be hidden from your guests.

Is there a sign-up fee? >

It is free to sign-up

Where is my money going? >

Funds are held in trust with Halo Dining until the reservation is completed and released once the hosts signs off on the evening just like a restaurant.

Is there a delivery fee? >

No, the delivery fee is included in the cook/server costs.

Can I tip the restaurant? >

We are working towards this for the second release, of course, hosts can give cash tips as they wish.

Can I pay in cash? >

No, you and your guests will be required to pay on the App after choosing your menu/dishes.

Is there a minimum spend? >

Restaurants individually set minimum spends, therefore this will differ from restaurant to restaurant.

Can I request the same cook/server to return for another event? >

Yes, make the request to the restaurant when you make your next booking, confirmation of this will appear on the App and is based on individual availability.

Do you have a referral program? >

We are working towards this for the second release.

Am I able to leave a review on the restaurant? >

Yes, you will have 48 hours following your event to leave a review on the restaurant.

How long is the duration of my event? >

Your server/waiter arrives one hour before guests, and your event will go for approx. three hours. Therefore, the server/waiter will be there for four hours

What happens if the restaurant cancels? >

Please refer to the terms and conditions.

What happens if the restaurant needs to make changes to the menu or booking? >

If the restaurant needs to change the booking, they will send a message via the App with the changes and request either a confirmation of the change or set up a call to discuss them with the host. The restaurant will then make the changes to the app and request confirmation from the host.

What happens if I am not happy with my reservation? >

Please refer to the terms and conditions on dispute resolution.

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